Lebanese resistance detonates explosives near Israeli occupation at border – NNA

The Lebanese resistance detonated explosives near Israeli occupation forces who crossed into the southern borders of Lebanon, the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA) reported Monday.

According to NNA, the “resistance planted a number of explosive devices in the region of Tel Ismail, adjacent to the border with occupied Palestine, inside Lebanese territories.

“When an enemy force belonging to the Golani Brigade crossed the border and reached the location of the devices, the planted explosives were detonated, resulting in casualties among the enemy ranks, including deaths and injuries,” NNA added.

The Israeli occupation warplanes “conducted a series of airstrikes that targeted the town of Dhayra and its outskirts, in addition to Labbouneh region south Naqoura,” with two airstrikes that hit the Alma Dhayra road, blocking it in both directions, reported NNA.

Moreover, an Israeli occupation “airstrike on a house in the southern town of Seddaqine shortly after midnight left nine injured and caused massive damag
es to nearby residences on Monday,” NNA added.

However, “the targeted house was fully destroyed, and the wounded were transferred to nearby hospitals for treatment.” NNA added, the Israeli occupation “artillery shelled this morning the outskirts of Naqoura, Alma As-Shaab and Dhayra towns, while reconnaissance warplanes overflew the region.” Lebanon has faced, since Al-Aqsa Flood operation in Gaza on October 7, continuous military confrontations between the Israeli occupation forces and the Lebanese Resistance in the Southern borders of Lebanon shared with occupied Palestine.

Source: Kuwait News Agency