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Jordan, Egypt affirm cooperation in cultural fields

Minister of Culture, Haifa'a Najjar and her Egyptian counterpart, Dr. Nevin Kilani, affirmed continued efforts to strengthen joint cooperation in cultural and heritage industries fields. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, at Royal Cultural Center (RCC) in Amman, the two ministers lauded "deep-rooted, long-standing" bilateral ties. During the presser, Kilani said Jordan was a guest of honor at Cairo International Book Fair last March, lauding the Kingdom's "distinguished" in its events, artistic performances and literary gatherings that brought together Egyptian and Jordanian writers. Kilani referred to the "large" Jordanian participation in cultural and artistic events in Egypt. Moreover, Kilani noted Jordanian-Egyptian cultural exchange agreement was renewed last year, indicating that joint activities will continue in the future as a continuation of this deal. The agreement also provides platform to exchange expertise in the translation field, which is a key cultural industry at this stage, according to Kilani. Kilani thanked Jordan for picking Egypt as the first guest of honor at Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts in its 37th session, which is scheduled to kick off this evening. For her part, Najjar said the two sides are working to deepen cultural relations, referring to the two ministries' future plans in the field of cultural industries. Lauding "historic" bilateral relations, Najjar noted cultural relations are a "major gateway" to strengthening ties. Najjar hailed joint cooperation in the heritage field and Egypt's role in supporting Jordan's programs and projects in UNESCO, including inclusion of the Jordanian well -known meal " Mansaf" on the list of living cultural heritage.

Source: Jordan News Agency