5th International Primary Health Care Conference Launches -1-

Executive Chair of the World Innovation Summit for Health, the Co-Director of Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation Lord Ara Darzi praised the significant and innovative development witnessed by the primary health care sector in the State of Qatar and the comprehensive and integrated services it provides, which made it a successful model.

In his speech at the opening session, he stressed the importance of the 5th International Primary Health Care Conference as it is the cornerstone of health in all its aspects, which means that it must be given the care and attention it deserves, indicating the vital role played by this sector with all its components in terms of providing the best services to patients and visitors in health centers, which he said was designed in Qatar with high capabilities and international systems and standards to provide the best primary, secondary, and tertiary health care, diverse and of high quality under one roof.

He pointed out that the quality of primary health care in any place determines how it responds to any pandemic. In a related context, he called for community support, sharing responsibilities, and launching initiatives towards improving primary health care and health in general, including physical and mental health, and providing various options in this regard.

He also talked about modern technologies and artificial intelligence in the medical fields and benefiting from what electronic care provides in this regard, including improving performance and productivity, as well as what is also related to training, diagnosis, speed of service provision, and treatment plans in hospitals or homes, stressing, in this context, that the PHCC performs these tasks and responsibilities in a correct manner and vision through the integration, comprehensiveness and quality of services, which he said make patients always at the heart of these efforts.

Over the course of its four days, the conference covers many main topics, which include various areas such as health promotion, healthcare resilience in the face of global crises, advancements in clinical practices in primary care, quality improvement, capacity building, care models and innovations, in addition to the specialized topics in infectious disease surveillance and control, mental health examinations and management, the advancement of science in the field of education and research, improving health and well-being through lifestyle medicine and wellness, among many other topics.

The conference is an important platform to consider innovative health management systems and quality improvement initiatives with the aim of improving health outcomes and patient safety in primary care and identify the latest evidence-based options in the management of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in primary health care settings. It also aims to identify the best international practices centered around the family and society in the field of health promotion and disease prevention.

During the conference, primary health care experts will compare approaches to health professions education, workforce training, and capacity building in primary health care practice, and emphasize the importance of research and its opportunities in primary care to improve population health outcomes.

The 5th International Primary Health Care Conference will be accompanied by a specialized exhibition held within its activities, in which exhibitors will present their latest contributions in the field of health care, in addition to displaying the best research summaries of participants in the field of innovation and medical care.

Source: Qatar News Agency