The Ministry of Interior confirms that Iraqi borders are maintained with neighboring countries

The Ministry of Interior confirmed, today, Monday, that it has maintained the entire Iraqi border with neighboring countries, opened new points, and provided full protection for the sector of responsibility.

A statement by the Ministry stated that the Commander of the Border Forces, Lieutenant General Muhammad Abdel Wahab Sukkar, visited the sector of the Second Brigade within the First Area Border Command in the Sidkan district within the administrative borders of Erbil Governorate, and inspected the border points that were recently cleared and captured by our forces on the Hasarost mountain range near the Iraqi-Iranian-Turkish triangle to determine the fortifications and security measures taken to protect the security of the border strip.

During the tour, according to the statement, the Commander met with the fighters, in whom he saluted their patriotic spirit to defend Iraqi soil at the furthest point of its borders, stressing the intention of the Ministry of Interior, through the leadership of the border forces, to control the entire Iraqi border with neighboring countries, open new points and provide them with thermal cameras to ensure full protection of the sector of responsibility.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency