Somalia, IFAD sign USD-31.22-mln agreement to strengthen food security

The Government of Somalia and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) have signed a new financial agreement worth USD 31.22 million to fund the Rural Livelihood Resilience Program (RLRP).

The deal aims to support Somalia’s efforts to address the effects of decades of conflict, environmental degradation, and underfunded infrastructure and agricultural productivity, according to Somalia’s official news agency.

It will also improve the lives of rural smallholders by raising their productivity, incomes, and nutrition security in a sustainable way, it added.

Commenting on the agreement, IFAD President Alvaro Lario said rural development in Somalia faces numerous challenges, stemming from decades of conflict, environmental degradation, and limited infrastructure, in addition to cycles of drought and flooding.

He added that upscaling IFAD’s investment in Somalia is very important in this moment of increasing climate change to make sure that the poorest and the most vulnerable in rural areas ar
e not left behind.

For his part, Somali Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Mohammad A. Hayir said the program is of vital importance for Somalia and sets to transform rural livelihoods through climate-resilient agriculture.

It helps to equip the rural poor with skills and jobs to achieve food security and prosperity despite the challenges of climate change, he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency