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Signing an agreement to exchange gas for crude oil between Iraq and Iran

An agreement was signed in Baghdad today, Tuesday, between Iraq and Iran, according to which the imported Iranian gas that operates electric power plants will be exchanged for Iraqi crude oil.

The agreement was signed on the Iraqi side, according to a statement by the Prime Minister's Media Office, by Director of the Prime Minister's Office, Ihsan Yassin Al-Awadi, while it was signed on the Iranian side by the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad, Muhammad Kazem Al Sadeq.

The statement added, "The agreement was reached after negotiations that lasted for several days, in which delegations and technical committees from both sides participated," noting: "This agreement comes within the framework of the government's effort to address the crisis of supplying gas that operates power stations, and avoid financing problems and the complications of US sanctions, which prevented the continuity of payment of import requirements, and the agreement will contribute to providing more flexibility for the process of supplying gas, operating stations, and stabilizing the production of electric power.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency