PSD reiterates alerts on expected weather conditions

The Public Security Department (PSD) has issued another warning regarding the weather that is predicted for the next few hours, which includes the possibility of heavy rain, low visibility, and the possibility of slipping on wet roads.

The PSD warned of the dangers of rising water levels and urged people to avoid valley sides and areas where torrents and water bodies form and to avoid crossing them by vehicle or on foot.

The PSD advised people to drive very carefully, especially on outward routes across the Kingdom.

In light of the anticipated drop in temperatures in some areas, the PSD emphasized the importance of immobilizing objects that can be blown away by strong winds, inspecting and maintaining heating devices, and periodically providing proper ventilation for homes if they are used.

In addition to following its bulletins and the instructions and advice of the relevant authorities, the PSD urged citizens to never hesitate to call the unified emergency number, 911, if necessary.

Source: Jordan N
ews Agency