Minister of Trade calls on his counterparts in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to urge solid companies in their countries to benefit from investment opportunities in Iraq

Baghdad: Minister of Trade Athir Dawood Al-Ghariri headed the “delegation of the Republic of Iraq participating in the third meeting of the Trade Negotiation Committee in the Trade Preferential System (TPS-OIC) for the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which was held in the Turkish city of Istanbul.”

Minister Al-Ghariri said, “In a speech he delivered on this occasion: The focus of our meeting today is trade preferences in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation” and that the Republic of Iraq is one of the member states of the organization, “We have ratified the framework agreement and are proceeding to complete the other stages to move forward with it, and he stated that the current Iraqi government headed by Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani has adopted the slogan of the government of services and is proceeding to complete the legal and legislative environment to prepare the necessary laws to be compatible with the current changes that would contribute to integration within the
international and regional system. ”

He added that “our participation today in the ministerial meeting” is nothing but a message “that Iraq is part of this system and we support and endorse all efforts and outcomes” that ensure achieving the goal of moving towards economic integration and overcoming all challenges. ”

The Minister extended an invitation “to his counterparts Participants in the ministerial meeting urged solid companies in various economic sectors in their countries to take advantage of the investment opportunities available in Iraq, especially those related to the development path, which we hope will be a vital tributary for Iraq and the countries of the region, in addition to “the call for active participation in the 48th session of the Baghdad International Fair”, which will be held on the first of next November in the capital Baghdad. The Minister also stressed in his speech “the investment of international forums to convey the voice of the patient Palestinian people” and to carry out our
duties and responsibilities towards the woes and sighs they are suffering, and to harness all international and UN efforts to issue decisions that contribute to deterring the flagrant violations carried out by the Zionist entity in the Gaza Strip to stop the machine of destruction and open safe corridors to treat the wounded and deliver humanitarian, food and medical aid to restore life in it.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency