Jordanian Women’s Solidarity with Gaza: Urgent Call for Action Against War Crimes

Chair of the Ministerial Committee for Women’s Empowerment and Minister of Social Development Wafa Bani Mustafa, along with Secretary-General of the National Committee for Women’s Affairs Maha Ali have presented a compelling message of solidarity from Jordanian women to those in Gaza to Sima Bahouth, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of UN Women.

The letter, signed by Jordanian women on November 9th and emanating from a collaborative initiative by the Ministerial Committee for the Empowerment of Women, the Jordanian National Commission for Women’s Affairs, and the National Center for Human Rights, calls for immediate cessation of war crimes in Gaza and the accountability of those responsible for crimes against humanity.

During a meeting with Bahouth, Bani Mustafa highlighted Jordan’s pivotal role, led by King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, in efforts to end the Gaza war and facilitate aid. She underscored the disproportionate impact of the Gaza Strip aggression on women and
children, labeling it a genocide and urging international intervention.

Bani Mustafa emphasized the criticality of global platforms in accurately portraying the plight of Gazans, particularly women and children.

Bani Mustafa further advocated for the empowerment and support of Palestinian women, especially those responsible for their families, reiterating the equal value of Palestinian lives.

Ali lauded the effective partnership with UN Women, noting their joint endeavors in women’s empowerment, increased economic and political participation, and reinforced social protection, aligned with the national women’s strategy and the execution plan for Security Council Resolution 1325.

She reinforced the significance of the Jordanian women’s solidarity message, which implores the international community for immediate action to halt the Gaza war and the atrocities committed therein.

Simultaneously, the National Committee for Women’s Affairs urged refocusing the annual 16-day anti-violence campaign towards the vio
lence faced by Gazans.

Bahouth outlined UN Women’s six-month response plan for Gaza, focusing on urgent humanitarian aid for women and girls, continued support for Palestinian women’s civil society, and ensuring women and girls’ needs are met.

She commended Jordan’s comprehensive response strategies for women and girls in Gaza and affirmed UN Women’s commitment to supporting Jordan’s efforts in political and economic spheres, and as a refuge for over a million refugees.

The solidarity message, “Women of Jordan with Women of Gaza,” directed to UN Secretary-General Ant?nio Guterres, calls for the international community to act decisively against the war crimes in Gaza, emphasizing that Palestinian women and girls’ rights and lives are as valuable as those of Israelis.

Source: Jordan News Agency