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Jordanian-Dutch Committee Explores Bilateral Ties with Ambassador

Amman: The Jordanian-Dutch Friendship Committee in the Senate, led by Ihsan Barakat, convened on Sunday with Dutch Ambassador to the Kingdom Harry Verweij to explore avenues for enhancing bilateral ties between the two nations. Barakat underscored the depth and significance of Jordanian-Dutch relations, rooted in the leadership of both nations, and highlighted ongoing advancements, particularly in economic, parliamentary, and legal realms. She emphasized the importance of bolstering economic collaboration with the Netherlands, given its global standing. Highlighting shared stances on international issues, Barakat noted the Netherlands' advocacy for a two-state solution to the Palestinian issuie, a position echoed by His Majesty King Abdullah II in international forums, to achieve a just and comprehensive peace, ensuring regional security and stability. Barakat emphasized the crucial role of supporting the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), emphasizing its indispensable r ole in delivering vital services to refugees. Verweij emphasized the robust and longstanding friendly ties between Jordan and the Netherlands, grounded in mutual respect. He acknowledged Jordan's influential diplomatic role in the region under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, particularly concerning the Palestinian issue and other regional and global matters. Verweij commended His Majesty's relentless efforts to fortify Jordanian relations globally, noting his country's backing for the two-state solution as a means to resolve the conflict and foster comprehensive peace in the region. Acknowledging Jordan's significant refugee population and its efforts to provide essential services such as housing, healthcare, and education, Verweij affirmed his country's commitment to supporting Jordan in maintaining and enhancing these services for refugees. Verweij discussed several ongoing projects between the two nations, including initiatives supporting women's empowerment across various sectors, with a particular focus on economic participation. Additionally, he highlighted joint interests in agricultural endeavors and projects related to energy and water. Source: Jordan News Agency