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Jordan, Iraq Forge Agreement for Electrical Energy Supply

Amman: Jordan and Iraq on Sunday signed the first amendment to the contract for the sale of electrical energy, which aims to supply the Iraqi side with electrical energy at a voltage of 132 kilovolts, catering to the energy needs of Ar-Rutba District, estimated at approximately 40 megawatts. The signing ceremony was attended by Director General of the Jordanian National Electric Power Company (NEPCO), Amjad Rawashdeh, and Director General of Iraq's General Company for Electric Power Transmission/Central Region, Riyad Oreibi, alongside officials from both nations. Following the signing, Rawashdeh emphasized that the agreement aligns with the mutual aspirations of Jordan and Iraq to establish a joint synchronous electrical connection. Such a connection will facilitate the exchange of electrical energy and bolster the stability of electrical systems on both sides, playing a pivotal role in the envisioned joint Arab energy market, he added. Rawashdeh stated that "all the necessary technical procedures for the first phase have concluded, and the Iraqi side is prepared to receive electricity. Efforts will be directed towards completing certain banking procedures between the two parties to commence the supply of approximately 40 megawatts to the Iraqi side in the initial phase. Concurrently, preparations are underway for the second phase, slated for the third quarter of 2024." He further elaborated that upon the completion of the second phase, the total capacity supplied to Iraq will range between 150 to 200 megawatts. With further advancements in the connection stages in the medium term, the supply could potentially escalate to 500 megawatts. The collaboration between the two countries in the field of electricity dates back to a memorandum of understanding signed in late December 2018 between the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. This aimed at fostering cooperation in the electricity sector and establishing a simultaneous electrical interconnection network. Moreover, in September 2020, NEPCO and the Iraqi Company signed a contract for the sale of electrical energy, outlining the supply of electrical capacity ranging between 150-200 MW to Iraq. A mechanism for implementing the Jordanian-Iraqi electrical interconnection project was also established between the two companies in July 2021. The mechanism entails the construction of a 400 KV overhead transmission line as the first stage, linking the Al-Risha substation on the Jordanian side with the Al-Qaim substation on the Iraqi side, spanning 6 km in Jordanian territory and 330 km in Iraqi territory. The foundation stone for the Jordanian-Iraqi electrical interconnection project was ceremonially laid in October 2022, under the patronage of Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh and Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani. The subsequent phase of the project will focus on completing the synchronous electrical connection at a voltage of 400 KV, necessitating the reinforcement of electrical networks on both sid es. Source: Jordan News Agency