Aqaba’s back road maintenance nearing 85% completion mark

The ongoing rehabilitation and maintenance project for Aqaba’s back road has made substantial strides, nearing an impressive 85% completion rate. Anticipations suggest the finalization of all project components within the coming 3-5 weeks, adhering to the designated project timeline.

Stretching from the intersection of Wadi Al-Yutom to the Bardini Bridge, this strategic route functions as a crucial economic artery, facilitating the movement of commercial trucks to and from Aqaba Port. Its significance extends beyond Aqaba, serving as a vital link for the port, the Aqaba economic zone, and various industrial complexes across Amman and the kingdom’s provinces.

According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Works, work on this project commenced in May, focusing on enhancing and rehabilitating pavement layers along the left lane and sporadic sections of the right lane, covering approximately 17 kilometers, with a cost amounting to JD2.8 million.

Source: Jordan News Agency